"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

-World Health Organization, 1948

Ranan Shahar for neck and spinal pain therapy
Ranan Shahar:
founder of Atlas Evolution Spinal Therapy


Whether you're looking to solve existing health problems, prevent future ones or are just trying to stay healthy, the atlas (also known as "C1" the first cervical vertabra) plays a key role in your overall physical and mental health.

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First Cervical Vertebra: The Atlas Bone

Ever feel like your head isn't screwed on right? Well it may well not be!

The first cervical vertebra, the "screw" between your head and everything else, plays a crucial role in the overall balance of your body. When out of alignment, this can cause a chain reaction, which begins at the spine and spreads thoughout the entire body, all the way to the fingers and toes. Though the atlas might only be out of alignment by a few millimeters, this miniscule error can snowball into serious health problems that manifest themselves in a myriad of symptoms. Plus, don't forget, your head won't be screwed on straight!

When the atlas is out of place the entire spine follows its error, spreading chaos throughout the body's skeletal structure. A direct symptom of this chaos is a stiffening of the muscles. Not only do stiff muscles cause a slew of painful symptoms to afflict the body, they also constrict the overall flow of blood, spinal fluid, nerves and bodily fluids causing the immune system to become weak and sluggish.

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The Solution: Atlas Evolution

FACT: 99.9% of the human race is afflicted by this problem. Though certain factors such as sitting in front of a computer all day, being birthed through a narrow birth canal, whiplash, accidents and head injuries can seriously worsen the alignment of the atlas, the problem seems to be a genetic defect and therefore existent in the overwhelming majority of humans, regardless of their race, religion or lifestyle. One need not have experienced any serious physical traumas to benefit from Atlas Evolution: it is an overall expansion in health and can even benefit those who already consider themselves fit.

While many methods have been implemented to try and solve the symptoms stemming from the atlas problem, few have accurately been able to grasp the reason responsible for the symptoms. Atlas Evolution tackles this problem head-on and solves it in ONE TREATMENT. The method of treatment is an all-natural, non-chiropractic, non-invasive procedure, which takes less than an hour to perform,

The result: the body goes into a self- healing mode, causing patients to experience both instantaneous and long-term benefits. In many cases long term health problems either considerably improve or even disappear.


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Health Problems?

Because the atlas plays such a central role in our overall health, nearly every health problem can be traced back, in one way or another, to the atlas problem, the following is a list of the most popular health problems resulting from a misaligned atlas. Though in many cases a health problem might have multiple causes, we have witnessed positive results in each of the following areas as well as complete recoveries.

Headache and Migraine
Vertigo or Tinnitus
Neck pain/ stiff neck/ limited rotation
Shoulder pain/ stiff shoulder
Back Pain
Chronic Fatigue
Brain Fog
Chronic muscle tension
Herniated disk
Pinched nerves / Numbness and Tingling
Digestion / Constipation
Uneven leg length
Bad Posture


Contact Ranan Shahar

New Dawn Clinic
2116 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #248
Santa Monica, CA. 90403

Phone: (310) 266-5321

Ranan Shahar, Atlas Evolution therapy for neck pain

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"I searched for years for someone who could effectively correct the position of the Atlas. Recently, I discovered Ranan and received this revolutionary treatment from him. Immediately and noticeably, I felt fetter than ever! I highlly recommend his work!"

David Wolfe, CEO
Author: "Sunfood Diet Success System", "Eating for Beauty" & "Naked Chocolate"


"I've had chronic neck sensitivity and occasional stiffness for as long as I can remember. Although a whole foods diet helped tremendously, my range of motion was still noticeably limited, despite yoga practice and massage treatments. After Ranan worked on me, my range of motion improved dramatically. I could turn my head 360 degrees! Well, not really, but it sure felt like that. This structural technique should be a required therapy. Your work is a blessing. Much Thanks"

Verne Varona
Author: "Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods"


It is now September 22nd, 2006 and I continue to go through shifts in both my structure and awareness since my procedure on August 12th. My lab work from a few weeks ago showed almost no sign of the cancer I've had since the end of 2001. The amount of protein in the blood that indicates the cancer was so low that it didn't register as a quantitive amount. Isn't that great!! Thank you so much for doing this tremendous work. I'm positive it has been a contributing factor to my healing process.

June Edwards


I just had to send you a big Thanks! It's truly amazing how such a minor procedure can yield such great results. You are truly doing great work.

Peter Wilhelm,
Danbury, CT.

back and neck therapy by Ranan shahar

For me, this has been the physical gift of a lifetime! I feel free in ways that have left me speechless. I am amazed that even after 9 months so many incredible changes have taken place within my physical and emotional body. Not only that, I have had incredible spiritual experiences that opened me up to making powerful changes in my life.

In gratitude,
A. Were


This treatment has been the miracle that changed my life! I haven't been to see my chiropractor since I got this treatment. I have no more aches and pains. I have more energy. I am very calm and peaceful. I can think clearly. I stand up straight. I walk with my knees popping. My friends even tell me that I look peaceful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



My daughter has reported no double vision since the treatment you did for her. No words move on the page, no lines move, all is normal now. I can only report that after thousands of dollars in chiropractic adjustments, and to a world renowned vision therapist, and hours of tests at Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas, and the University of Texas Health Science Center Vision Clinic in Dallas, we now have a cure. It cost me $250 dollars. It was a little uncomfortable, she did cry, but she immediately felt so much better.

Sheri Greenstreet and her 10 year old daughter, Alexis


As a result of the atlas treatment by Ranan Shahar, I have experienced the following: more centered and attentive, more courageous and dynamic, more in action, more alive! The treatment has indeed been priceless. I recommend Ranan full hearted.

Dr. Jenifer Cochagn, Psychologist

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The History of Atlas Evolution

Ranan Shahar is a licensed Acupuncturist in Santa Monica, California with a profound understanding of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. During his extensive travels around the world, Ranan studied in Switzerland with Renee Schuemperli, who developed the "Profilax Technique"- a treatment strictly for the Atlas vertebrae. Ranan fused the best of the "Profilax Technique" with Chinese Acupressure points and years of experience treating thousands of people from North America to Puerto Rico, India, Israel and Australia. The result is Atlas Evolution: one of the world's newest, most unique solutions to finding physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Atlas Evolution is really an evolution of Atlas Profilax, giving patients everything the Swiss do with the added bonus of Chinese medicine and specialized work on the sacrum and sphenoid bones.

At last the gate between heaven and earth can be opened for maximum health! The Chinese figured out a long time ago how certain accupressure points can relax the short muscles surrounding the bones of the neck, Ranan uses these points to help the Atlas vertebrae return to it's stable position intended by nature. Combined with Atlas Evolution the results are astounding!. Should we say revolutionary!


From AtlasProfilax to Altas Evolution this technique permanently moves or floats your top atlas vertebra into correct position.